Established in 2011 and based in Florida, Tower MSA Partners is a national provider of Medicare Secondary Payer services that works with clients in all 50 states to achieve full MSP compliance.  Wholly owned by its CEO, Rita Wilson and COO, Kristine Dudley, Tower is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC).


Compliance By the Book…Closure By the Numbers

We run our business based on a simple–yet powerful–mantra, “Compliance by the Book…Closure by the Numbers.”  We recognize that the real business value of a Medicare Set-Aside is in its ability to facilitate claim settlement and closure.  That’s where Tower excels.  We recognize our role in the settlement process and work collaboratively with our clients to analyze & assess risk, review medical & pharmacy histories to determine Medicare exposure, intervene when treatment changes are needed, and recommend the appropriate time to complete the MSA.  

The result is the lowest cost and most defensible allocation that CMS will approve.


Metrics-Driven Performance Results

 Metrics drive Tower’s internal efficiency improvements, workflow changes to streamline processes, and technology enhancements to continuously improve our work product and turnaround times.  Our metrics driven methodology has enabled Tower to build a “Lead, not follow” strategy with CMS submissions yielding the most aggressive and successful CMS Re-review process in the industry.   

See key performance metrics provided throughout Tower’s website. 


Technology Aligned with MSP Compliance

Developed by us specifically for this industry, Tower’s MSP Automation Suite seamlessly drives compliance processes.  This fully integrated and secure platform provides end-to-end visibility of every claim activity from our Section 111 Query & CMS Reporting module, to our automated Conditional Payment search initiation and negotiation processes, as well as our Pre-MSA Triage assessment & cost-driver interventions, through to the final MSA production and CMS submission and acceptance. 


Legacy Claims Settlement Initiatives

Our Legacy Claims Settlement Initiative analyzes your entire portfolio of claims and identifies those that can settle immediately as well as those that could potentially settle with our intervention. Clients using this service have realized MSA savings that exceed 55% and have seen a positive impact on their overall book of business


Make Your Program Measurably Better

 Tower speeds up settlements and produces major savings on MSA allocations while protecting Medicare’s interest and ensuring 100% MSP compliance through our Section 111 reporting platform. Our solutions take work off adjusters’ desks and our customers recognize the benefits of our consultative approach, superb service, and superior technology. Let us help you make your MSP compliance and MSA programs measurably better

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